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Atturos is a fast growing clinical diagnostics company developing the next generation of molecular diagnostic tests which support clinicians in making the best treatment decisions for patients. 

What we do & how we do it

Atturos is a University College Dublin (UCD) spin out company founded to commercialise technology developed by the founder Professor Stephen Pennington. Based on excellent science, with patient wellbeing at its core, Atturos is developing cutting edge diagnostic tests based on advanced targeted proteomics methods and machine learning analytics.

Atturos is assembling a pipeline of tests that address important unmet clinical needs in chronic diseases. The pipeline currently includes tests for inflammatory arthritis, prostate cancer and diabetic kidney disease. 

Atturos' highly experienced and committed leadership team are supported by an active and engaged international network of commercial, clinical and scientific advisors. 

Excellent science is at the heart of everything we do at Atturos and has underpinned the development of our advanced proteomics platform and AI (artificial intelligence) driven data analytic capabilities. The platform supports existing tests and is being used for the development of further novel diagnostic tests. Atturos tests provide easy to interpret scores to help clinicians and patients to make the best decisions they can.


Patient driven molecular diagnostics


The Atturos platform exploits targeted mass spectrometry based measurements of blood proteins using highly specific and sensitive multiple reaction monitoring (MRM). Unlike existing molecular diagnostic methods, such as ELISAs, the platform enables us to detect and quantify ultra-low protein biomarker concentrations with an impressive capability to accurately measure multiple proteins simultaneously. Our proprietary algorithms convert this data to easily interpretable scores which guide better decisions for improved patient outcomes.

Measuring protein biomarkers with certainty 

Atturos is proud to collaborate with...

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